I started out with rather humble beginnings in Germany. My parents were getting divorced and my lack of interest in school produced grades that would fully reflect my disinterest in the educational system. With this continued lack of interest in academics I was persuaded to study industrial engineering. After barely completing my degree, and due to a great lack of passion, I tried my luck in sales. Still not having found fulfillment I told myself: “this can’t be the life that I was meant to live; something has to change”. I decided to cross the Atlantic and move to America. Once I arrived, I could immediately taste the difference in the air, or maybe it was just the heat and high humidity of the Florida summer. It was thereafter that I started to study computer science when the passion of computers struck me full force. It was like a strike from a bolt of lightning. This had a profound impact on me and certainly changed the direction of my life in a very positive way. The young man that was previously lost and disinterested had now developed an immediate passion.

I studied and learned new concepts day and night. The more involved I became with computers, the more enjoyable it became. I was fascinated, nearly obsessed with solving computer problems and writing software code. This occurred routinely hours and hours past midnight while staring into my small laptop screen. I quickly realized that I wanted to pursue the American dream of owning a business, and it had to be within the scope of my skills and interest. But what to do? I had obtained several information technology positions as my experience grew; however I felt that neither one of them was challenging me at that time. It wasn’t until my personal experience with lost data that I had stored on a small and portable encrypted hard drive and failed to retrieve. I discovered the great agony and pain of losing irreplaceable information. Just thinking of everything I had stored on the hard drive, and not having had proper backups of my data, felt like needle pins in my stomach. Not being able to recover my information at that time had fully intrigued me and provided me with the much needed challenge. I vowed to myself never to lose data again, and to do everything in my power to spare others from the same misfortune.

The rest was as we say here in the U.S.A …   HISTORY!

I spent the next few years, day and night, learning everything I could about data recovery.   I developed a tremendous passion wanting to become the best. I also wanted to build a team and company that would show compassion towards everyone who had lost data. My company would restlessly fight to recover and restore the lost data of corporations and individuals. I knew that my culturally instilled core values from my German upbringing of hard work and dedication, together with my competitive personality would allow me to build the greatest data recovery company ever.

Since that time My Company has grown significantly. And it has a great team of exceptionally talented individuals. Every day, we continue to grow and relentlessly work with full dedication towards the goal of satisfying our clients and becoming as stated above the greatest data recovery company.

Sincerely yours,

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Andrew von Ramin Mapp, CEO and Founder

Data Analyzers, LLC

Our data recovery services for Dell Servers include but are not limited to the following models:

Simply put— to provide the best service at the best value to our clients

  • Exceptional technical capabilities
  • Competitive pricing
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Do it better and faster than the competition