Apple Data Recovery Service

Lost data on an Apple Mac System? We can help! Our Data Recovery Engineers have developed expertise working with all Apple Storage systems. We can assist you in recovering data from you Apple MacBook, Mac Book Pro, iMac, G5, I-Phone and iPAD. All Mac systems use the HFS+ File System, and Data Analyzers has developed specific techniques to recover data from HFS File Systems where others can’t.

Genius bar can’t help? No can do with Apple support? No success with another Data Recovery company? There is still hope!

Here at Data Analyzers we can take care of all of your Apple Data Recovery needs. Our team has over a decade of experience in repairing and recovering Apple devices.

We have successfully recovered data from damaged I-phones from the first generation to the latest generation. We have recovered data from all versions of the IMac as well as all Mac Books and MacBook Pro versions. In addition our data recovery engineers frequently recover data from time capsules and Servers.

If you are looking for an experienced team to assist you in the recovery of your data, we are ready and available to provide you with a reliable, but fast, and safe recovery of the data form your Apple device.

Some of the situations in which we can assist include

  • Hard drive in IMac or MacBook Pro is damaged
  • I-phone was submerged in water
  • Apple store said a recovery could not be done
  • Accidental file deletion from any Apple device
  • Corrupted time capsule backup