Fake Card Example
Memory cards, such as MicroSD cards, may not be bigger than a dime, but are capable of storing immense amounts of data. From favorite music and videos to all your photos from last summer vacation can be accessed instantly on a phone, tablet or any other device. Anytime, Anywhere. Isn’t technology
Durante más de 60 años, la unidad de disco duro (HDD) ha desempeñado un papel importante en la era moderna de la tecnología digital. La capacidad de almacenamiento de la unidad de disco duro ha aumentado de solo 5 MB en 1956 en cincuenta discos de 24 pulgadas a más de 10 TB (Tera Bytes) almacen
Severely damaged NAND chip
Data Analyzers received a heavily damaged USB drive this week in our lab. Our client hit the USB drive with their leg while it was plugged to their computer. This is actually a common occurrence with USB drives, since they protrude out when plugged in. Normally, this type of accident only damages th
A few months ago we received a Samsung MZRPC256HMCDSSD 256GB SSD from one of our recovery partners that had been physically damaged by their client. Their client tried removing the drive from their laptop themselves while in the process damaging the LIF (Low Insertion Force) connector. The entire co
Opened WD Passport Pro
One thing is noticeable about Western Digital's My Passport Pro - "portable raid" hard drive, its size and weight. The 2TB version we received to retrieve data from has a pair of 2.5-inch 5400-rpm drives, pre-configured in a RAID 0 for the greatest capacity and speed. It's portable, but nowhere as p
For over 60 years, the hard disk drive (HDD) has played an important role in the modern era of digital technology. Storage capacity of the HDD has grown from a mere 5 MB in 1956 on fifty 24-inch disks to more than 10 TB (Tera Bytes) stored on three 5 1/2-inch diameter disks. During this relatively s
Qué hacer y qué no hacer – Recuperación de Datos
La clave para lidiar con la pérdida de datos es estar preparado y saber qué hacer cuando ocurre algo. Las maravillas de la tecnología moderna, sin duda, brindan comodidad y facilidad a nuestras vidas. Sin embargo, ninguna tecnología es completamente infalible. Cuando se trata de lidiar con caíd
The key to dealing with data loss is to be prepared and know what to do when something does occur. The marvels of modern technology, undoubtedly, bring convenience and ease to our lives. But, no technology is completely fool-proof. When it comes to dealing with potential downfalls, knowledge is powe
The recovery of data from fire-damaged hard drives is often difficult, but not impossible. There are a multitude of variables that can affect the outcome of the data retrieval attempt. Some of these variables include if the hard drive or computer had direct or indirect exposure to the fire and the t
Con sede en Orlando FL, Data Analyzers es una de las pocas compañías en el país, calificada para realizar Recuperación de Datos contra daños físicos y capaz de realizar investigaciones de Computer Forensic en todos los medios comunes.La firma que lleva una década se especializa en la recupera
Back to School
LAKE MARY, FL – August 15th, 2017 – Data Analyzers a leader in the data recovery industry provides valuable recommendations for back to school cyber preparations. These tips are universally applicable and will apply to the high school student just as well as to the University professor.Every