Citrix XenServer

Data Recovery

Citrix XenServer Data Recovery
Data Analyzers has one of the most sophisticated data recovery labs for the recovery of Citrix XenServer and Xen hypervisor platforms. If your XenServer has failed or your IT department has lost data from one of it’s LUN’s either because of physical failure of hard drives(s) or because of human error. Rest assured that Data Aalyzers is hear to assist you in the process of salvaging your data. Our NAS and SAN Data Recovery Engineers have accumulated a vast amount of experience salvaging data from Citrix XenServers.

Logical RAID recovery

Logical RAID Recovery problems often occur from corruption of the LUN’s, Virtual file systems and human error such as file deletion. In either case, Data Analyzers is here to assist your IT department in the moment of crisis. Our Enterprise Storage Recovery Engineers are equipped to handle all Citrix Data Recovery cases and scenarios..

Physical RAID recovery

Physical tape problems. These usually relate to wear and tear, mechanical tape drive failure, or external factors such as human error, fire or flood. The mechanical operation of a tape is stressful and so any minor problems can be made much worse if a damaged tape is inserted into a drive.

Our Citrix XenServer data recovery services include:

  • Recovery of Corrupted Storage Repositories
  • Recovery of Deleted Files within VM
  • Recovery of Deleted Virtual Machines
  • Recovery of RAID or other hardware failures