Dell Compellent Data Recovery

We are the Dell Experts

Compellent Technologies, Inc, was founded in 2002 and was acquired by Dell in 2011. The Compellent Storage Center is a SAN appliance that combines several virtualized storage-management applications with hardware.

One of the key concepts behind the Storage Center is Compellent’s DBA (dynamic block architecture) technology which uses metadata to keep track of all blocks. The Storage Center tracks metadata, information about each block of data stored on the Compellent system

Data Recovery from Dell Compellent SANs have several challenges. The Storage Centers proprietary Meta data and dynamic block architecture makes such recoveries complicated and challenging. The more complex and proprietary a storage systems data block assignment the more complicated the recovery process is expected to be in most cases.

Our Enterprise Storage Recovery Specialists can assist with the recovery of lost or inaccessible data from all Compellent Storage Center models. Our team is experienced in providing custom solutions that can be applied to your specific case and configurations.

Our Compellent data recovery capabilities include:

  • Recovery of Multi RAID Drive failure
  • Recovery of System or hardware failures
  • Recovery of Deleted LUNs or Deleted Volumes
  • Recovery of Deleted folders or Virtual Machines