Drobo NAS Data Recovery Service

Drobo, Inc. Is a US based company Headquartered in San Jose California that produces a family of external storage devices for computers. Drobo devices are primarily designed to allow installation and removal of hard disk drives without requiring manual data migration, and also for increasing storage capacity of the unit without downtime. The different models include series of multi-disk devices featuring a wide range of capacities, from 1 to 40 TB, using anywhere from 4 to 12 disk drives. Drobo devices include both Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and Network Attached Storage (NAS).

As with all NAS devices, the Drobo storage products are also not excluded from failure. Leaving the data contained on it inaccessible. A successful recovery usually involves a detailed understanding of Linux file systems as well as the Drobo’s proprietary nonstandard algorithms called BeyondRAID.

Our Team of Data Recovery Experts are here to assist you with both simple and complex failures to your Drobo device. Our Engineers have been trained to perform recoveries from Drobo NAS & DAS devices.

Common failure types include:

  • Failed hard drive (red light / LED glows)
  • Firmware upgrade failed or firmware corruption
  • RAID expansion failed
  • RAID migration failed
  • RAID rebuild failed (sometimes because a wrong disk was swapped out)
  • Corrupt file system, or RAID running in degraded mode
  • Cannot access the device or share
  • Deleted data
  • Volume corruption (power surge, faulty memory, virus)
  • User error (incorrect disk inserted for RAID rebuild / re-initialize disk, deleted files)