Hacktacular Challenge PART 2!


Calling All Hackers: Grand Prize in Sunshine State.


Data Analyzers, LLC in Orlando, Florida, has an immediate job opening for a Jr. Data Recovery Engineer

Data recovery skills are so specialized that typical “help wanted” ads don’t do the job and very few people in the U.S. possess the skills to qualify, so Data Analyzers has devised a challenge:


“Hack” a typical problem file, convert the data to a manageable medium and land a chance at a permanent job in Orlando Florida.  All participants will be able to download a required image of a USB jump drive to their personal computer from which they will perform the required tasks in a period of 7 days!!

The top three participants will receive prizes along with a shot at the open position!!

So you think you can hack it?!


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*Please address any questions to joannie@datanalyzers.com