HP ProLiant Server

Data Recovery Service

Data Analyzers has developed an expertise at recovering data from HP ProLiant Servers due to the popularity of HP Servers used in both small businesses and enterprise. Our Engineering Team has dedicated special research and development in order to yield the highest possible recovery success rate, in the shortest possible time. Regardless if it’s a crashed HP Server, or an HP NAS, SAN storage solutions, our engineers are equipped to quickly and effectively retrieve your data.

HP and Compaq Servers use a non-standard algorithm in most of the RAID controllers. More specifically it is a parity delay that is unique to their RAID-5, RAID-6 and RAID-50 configurations. There are several reasons from a design point of view why HP has selected this type of algorithm for its RAID. Our RAID Recovery team can de-stripe these RAIDs and manually simulate a virtual rebuild of the RAID to quickly extract the data.

Our data recovery services for HP Servers include but are not limited to the following models:

ProLiant DL320, ProLiant DL360, ProLiant DL380, ProLiant DL385, ProLiant DL560, ProLiant DL580, ProLiant DL585, ProLiant DL740, ProLiant DL785, Compaq ProLiant ML310, Compaq ProLiant ML330, ProLiant ML350, ProLiant ML370, ProLiant ML570, ProLiant BL20p and more.

We can assist you with failed raid sets due to controller malfunctions, multi drive failures, deleted data or volumes, virtualization issues, power failure, failed rebuild attempts and more.



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In some cases a remote recovery is possible, in other cases the drives will need to be shipped to our main lab facility.

Please call us immediately and ask to speak to one of our RAID specialists to discuss your recovery options (866)-456-3282.

Our data recovery services for HP Storage devices include:

HP StorageWorks XP24000 Disk Array, StorageWorks XP20000 Disk Array, StorageWorks XP12000 Disk Array, StorageWorks XP10000 Disk Array

HP StorageWorks XP1024 Disk Array, StorageWorks 8400 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA8400), StorageWorks 8100 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA8100)

HP StorageWorks 8000 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA8000), StorageWorks 6400 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA6400), StorageWorks 6100 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA6100)

HP StorageWorks 6000 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA6000), StorageWorks 5000 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA5000), StorageWorks 4400 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA4400)

HP StorageWorks 4100 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA4100), StorageWorks 4000 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA4000), StorageWorks 3000 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA3000)

HP StorageWorks 20 Modular Smart Array (MSA20), StorageWorks 30 Modular Smart Array (MSA30), StorageWorks 50 Modular Smart Array (MSA50)

HP StorageWorks 60 Modular Smart Array (MSA60), StorageWorks 70 Modular Smart Array (MSA70), StorageWorks 1000 Modular Smart Array (MSA1000)

HP StorageWorks 1500 Modular Smart Array (MSA1500)StorageWorks 1510i Modular Smart Array (MSA1510i), StorageWorks 2000sa Modular Smart Array (MSA2000sa)

HP StorageWorks 2000fc Modular Smart Array (MSA2000fc), StorageWorks 2000i Modular Smart Array (MSA2000i)