HP Storage Works Data Recovery

We understand HP Storage

Hewlett-Packard’s storage products include a large assortment of storage arrays and storage area networks. Among those are the popular 3PAR Storage Systems and the HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Arrays (EVA).

Our Enterprise Storage Recovery Team has a vast amount of experience when it comes to recovering data from HP Storage Systems from Enterprises and Datacenters. We have successfully recovered data from most HP Storage Works and Virtualized Storage Appliances. CIOs frequently rely on our team to work in the shadows to recover data from a disastrous situation. The proprietary block allocations, the proprietary way of provisioning storage LUNs as well as the Thin provisioning techniques employed by the various HP Storage Solutions require almost every recovery case to have some degree of unique customization.

We have successfully recovered lost or inaccessible data from scenarios that include:

  • Recovery of Physical damage to multiple drives
  • Recovery of Physical damage to the storage array
  • Recovery of Accidentally deleted snapshots
  • Recovery of Deleted or corrupted VMware Virtual Machines
  • Recovery of Inaccessible LUNs.
  • Recovery of Failed Logical Disks (LD)