19 Aug 2016

Headquartered in Orlando FL, Data Analyzers is one of the very few companies in the country, qualified to perform Data Recovery from physical damage and capable of performing Computer Forensic investigations on all common media.

The four-year old firm specializes in data recovery. After rendering services to big corporations in San Juan, Puerto Rico the realization of the vital need in data recovery services to all residents of the island transpired. Data Analyzers Recovery Division has a drop-off location in San Juan, recovering data in Puerto Rico.

“Our bread and butter is data recovery and NAND recovery on all common media and we know Puerto Rico is a very technological market, therefore they need to know where to go in a digital crisis” said Ramin-Mapp. “We operate strictly above board with the full authority of the owners of the data we recover,” Andrew von Ramin-Mapp, CEO/Owner said.

“We have a fully-equipped computer forensics lab with a state-of-the-art clean room and proprietary tools as sophisticated as any facility in the U.S.,” von Ramin-Mapp said.

Data Analyzers is a data recovery laboratory which over the years has developed a strong expertise in various storage technologies.  Not only recovering data from hard drives, SSD drives, RAID units, etc. Data Analyzers is now pioneer on NAND technology which is your SD card, Memory cards, phone memory, flash drives, thumb drives, etc.

While storage manufacturers and media have given technologists and consumers a false impression of reliability with memory cards claiming that since there are no spinning or mechanical parts, as hard disk drives have, that NAND storage technology would be a lot more reliable and less error prone. However, we have seen that this is not necessarily the case.

In most cases you only have one chance to recover your data – Trust Data Analyzers Recovery Division.

Their Engineering team has also observed over the past years that very few data recovery companies have developed the necessary expertise to successfully recover from this storage technology. Therefore, their engineering team has been an early pioneer in the field of flash memory recovery spearheaded by D.Edwards who has successfully simplified the recovery process from NAND storage technology.

Five Reasons to send your drives to Data Analyzers Recovery Division

  1. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida we are close to Puerto Rico
  2. Specializing in Laptop/Desktop, Mac, PC and RAID Data Recovery
  3. Ship overnight from San Juan
  4. Remote office conveniently located in San Juan
  5. Spanish speaking data recovery advisors

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