QNAP NAS Data Recovery

The QNAP portable NAS systems have become very popular over the years both with consumers and small businesses. As with all portable NAS devices, they are not fail proof and data loss can occur frequently due to various types of hardware failures.

We here at Data Analyzers understand the need for a fast, reliable and cost efficient recovery of the data content stored on these devices. Our team of data recovery experts has years of experience salvaging data from QNAP NAD devices.

The QNAP NAS is at its core built on a Linux Kernel and Linux file system that utilizes the EXT3/4 file system for storage efficiency. The NAS created Volumes and Storage Pools that allow for a simple expansion when necessary.

Some of the many models and configurations that we can successfully recover data from include:

TS-131, TS-231, TS-431, TS-431U, TS-251, TS-451, TS-651, TS-851, HS-251, TS-253 Pro, TS-453 Pro, TS-453mini, TS-653 Pro, TS-853 Pro, SS-453 Pro, SS-853 Pro.TS-269L, TS-269 Pro, TS-469 Pro, TS-469L, TS-469U-RP, TS-469U-SP, TS-470 Pro, TS-470, TS-569 Pro, TS-569L, TS-669 Pro, TS-669L, TS-670 Pro, TS-670, TS-869 Pro, TS-869L, TS-869U-RP, TS-870 Pro, TS-870, TS-870U-RP, TS-879 Pro, TS-879U-RP, TS-1079 Pro, TS-1269U-RP, TS-1270U-RP, TS-1279U-RP, TS-1679U-RP, TS-EC879U-RP, TS-EC1279U-RP, TS-EC1279U-SAS-RP, TS-EC1679U-RP, TS-EC1679U-SAS-RP, SS-EC1279U-SAS-RP, SS-EC1879U-SAS-RP, SS-EC2479U-SAS-RP, TS-EC2480U-RP, TS-EC1680U-RP, TS-EC1280U-RP, TS-EC880U-RP, TS-EC1080 Pro, TS-EC880 Pro, TVS-471, TVS-671, TVS-871, TVS-871U-RP, TVS-1271U-RP, TVS-463, TVS-663, TVS-863, TVS-863+.