Microsoft Hyper-V Data Recovery Services

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Microsoft Hyper-V Data Recovery

Attempting to recover data from a corrupted, or deleted VHD or AVHD file can be a nightmare, and a lot of pressure for your company and your IT department. Hyper-V VHD’s use a proprietary format to store the virtual images. Our Research and Development department has developed specify and unique procedures to salvage the data from your Raid Array. Many IT departments have successfully counted on Data Analyzers to recover the data from their Enterprise Storage Arrays (SAN/NAS). Our Engineers have an unquestioned expertise in performing Microsoft Hyper-V Data Recovery services from literally every possible case, including: deleted VHD’s, corruption from server migration, RAID multi drive failure, natural disaster and more.

VHD Data Recovery

If your Hyper-V Virtual platform has failed, contact us directly and ask to speak to one of our Enterprise Data Recovery Engineers. Emergency Services, remote services and onsite services are available upon request. If another Data Recovery company has failed to successfully recover your Hyper-V partition and VHD / AVHD files, there is still hope.

Our Hyper-V services include:

  • Recovery of Corrupted Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs)
  • Recovery of Deleted Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs)
  • Recovery of AVHD delta or snapshot files
  • Recovery of RAID or other hardware failures.

Contact the Microsoft Hyper-V data recovery experts immediately for assistance for the quickest and safest route to a successful data retrieval.


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