MySQL Database Data Recovery Services

The World’s most popular open source database is a structured collection of data. From a simple shopping list to a picture gallery or the vast amounts of information in a corporate network. MySQL is used in a wide range of applications, including data warehousing, e-commerce, Web databases, logging applications and distributed applications.

If your Webserver crashed and the MySQL database has been corrupted or if accidentally dropped a table from the database, don’t worry, we can probably still fix it. Our database recovery specialists have extensive experience in all common Linux flavors and have been trained to perform the right MySQL data recovery solutions to salvage your data.

Some of the common situations in which we can assist include:

  • Dropped tables
  • Dropped database
  • Corrupted InnoDB tablespace
  • Wrong Update
  • Schema corruption
  • Deleted entries
  • Deleted database
  • Deleted volume or LVM

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