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Based on a high demand in the small business market for a reliable Synology data recovery solution, we have developed a profound understanding of all common Synology NAS units. From the smaller 2 Bay Network attaches storage enclosures to the 4 and 8 Bay appliances and Rack mounts.If you have a failed Synology RAID, contact us today to learn more about your data recovery options.

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Common models from which we frequently recover data from include:

Disk Station DS408 Disk Station DS410
Disk Station DS411 Disk Station DS414
Disk Station DS416 Disk Station DS 510
Disk Station DS715 Disk Station DS716
Disk Station DS1010 Disk Station DS1812
Disk Station DS2015
All Synology Rack Stations
RS408 RX410
Including  FS, XS, Plus, Value & J series:
FS3017 FS2017
FS1018 RS18017xs+
RS4017xs+ RS3618xs
RS3617xs+ RS3617RPxs
RC18015xs+ DS3617xs
DS218+  DS718+
DS918+ DS1517+
DS1618+ DS1817+
RS2418+ / RS2418RP+ RS217
DS418j DS216se
RS816 and many more…

The core of the Synology System is called the Disk Station Manager (DSM) which is based on a modern Linux Kernel.

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