Here is what some of our clients have to say about our service

Below is a small selection of satisfied clients that we are able to provide a copy of the testimonials that they shared with us. Some of our large corporate and government clients prefer to remain anonymous and due to confidentiality agreements we are not able to reference the work we have performed for them.

We had a great experience with your company. You were courteous and responded to our needs quickly. Our hard drive had died and you recovered most of the data especially the critical data in timely basis. We appreciated your pick and delivery of the hard drive. Thank you for your service and we will use you or recommend your company if we have any further issues.

Thank you very much!

George Roman :: Graphic Imagination Inc.

I'm very great full for Data Analyzers. They helped me out of two terrifying jams with my Masters thesis! I had been putting incredible amounts of information on floppy disks while I was writing my thesis. I'm not to tech savvy, so I didn't know that I was essentially using dinosaur computer technology. When these disks bugged out no one else could help me. I called all over town. All other computer technology services either said that they couldn't help me or else where non-committal. Some of these guys said that they couldn't promise me anything but where going to charge me enormous sums just for trying. Data Analyzers where the only ones comfortable and qualified to do the job. They saved my academic life... twice!! I wholeheartedly support Data Analyzers data recovery.

Thanks Data Analyzers.

David Cintron

I am in Real estate sales, and my contact database is my lifeblood. When it crashed, I was told three years worth of work was gone for good. I asked for a referral and found only poor quality service providers, but thankfully I found Data Analyzers on a search engine. In minutes they put me in touch with a real person who talked me through my problem. In a week, I had my complete database back, including alarms and attachments. They were professional, prompt and polite. The cost, which they told me upfront was incredibly reasonable. I would have paid five times what they charged me. They saved years of work for me. I can’t thank them enough. Thank you.

Drew R. Bobincheck, CCIM

Landmark Commercial Realty, Inc.

April 11, 2013 To Whom It May Concern: I would like to offer my gratitude to Data Analyzers LLC for their recent recovery of data on one of my external hard drives that had taken a power surge and ceased to function. Data Analyzers augments their unquestioned technical expertise in data recovery with an enviable level of customer service. It is unusual to find such a comprehensive level of customer service. From my first call, I was made to feel important and that my hard drive would receive timely and professional attention. I mailed my hard drive and received immediate communication when it was received, when it was initially analyzed, when a cost estimate was ready for my review and approval, and when the data was recovered. The whole process took only a matter of a few days; including mailing time, I had my recovered data back in less than a week from the time a shipped the defective hard drive. The terms offered for my approval were clear and concise, and the price for the services was extremely reasonable. I am pleased to say that all my data was recovered; however, even in the event that some or all data was lost, I never lost confidence in the fact that I was in good hands with Data Analyzers. I offer my unqualified recommendation for any future customer to take advantage of Data Analyzers services. Sincerely,

Stephen F. Snell

Cape Canaveral, Florida

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the outstanding work performed on recovering my data on my external hard-drive. Hopefully the hard-drive incident doesn’t repeat in the future, but if it does, I will certainly contact Data Analyzers.

Thanks again

Jean Paul Vega

You have been able to recover 100% of our company’s data from a crashed Dell server. The RAID failed 2 drives and I did not think that recovery was possible. Our CFO was furious about the data loss, but thanks to Data Analyzers If got all of our data back and I am back on good terms with our CFO. Thanks again,

Robert M.

Sr. Network Administrator

When we needed HELP the most...that day a computer system would not boot and the hard drive was making a clicking sound! I have gone thru this once before and had to have a company in Tampa work on it, an employee wrecked my car rushing it over there and they failed to find anything! You did what you said you would and got everything back, it was like working with CSI, you were very thorough, thanks. I know there is no guarantee but you did it, Thank you.

Phil Kimmel, CEO

Laser Magic

We had overwritten 300gig worth of work, it was "Oh, Crap! time". Data Analyzers recovered all of our lost Data. Thanks again Data Analyzers!

James Tryon

EasilyAmused Graphics Inc

Prompt and Professional Service! I’d like to thank you for your prompt and professional service. You were straight forward and pleasant to deal with. I also was impressed that you could do all the necessary work in house. My initial research showed that a lot of your competitors send their drives to be repaired out of state

Larry Pearson

Lead Water Resource Project Manager South Florida Water Management District

Quick to Answer and Respond to our Emergency! The folks from Data Analyzers were quick to answer and respond to our emergency forensic needs. They were able to quickly perform forensic operations on our site and provided us with a custom solution within hours of initially contacting them. I highly recommend their services; they were professional, quick, and qualified to provide within the required DoD and legal standards.

Virgil Vaduva, CISSP, CISM

WinWholesale Security Analyst

Data Analyzers proved valuable and instrumental in me winning my case. They were professional, honest and provided a great service. I would not have won my case without their help. Thank you Data Analyzers.

Thank You

Chris H.----very satisfied client

DATA ANALYZERS to my rescue! Sounds like a super-hero theme? Well, they certainly were my super-heroes! I thought I had taken all the steps necessary to assure I had secure, safe, and backed-up data. However, a series of unfortunate events led down the path of my ‘disaster’. I found myself with a portable encrypted hard-drive being the only source for recent data/files - extremely important financial, legal, and personal information. The drive failed!! I sought out help for recovery, getting information and quotes from many vendors. I found DATA ANALYZERS to be professional, prompt, efficient, trust-worthy, and cost effective. After speaking to them via LiveChat, Email, and on the Phone, I received superb service, estimates, and advise. The turn-around time for data recovery was brief, secure, and incredibly comprised of my entire hard drive! I felt confident that my private information was safe in their hands. I would say DATA ANALYZERS are definitely my super-heroes! Thank you!

Thank You


Awesome Support! The Data Analyzers Team is the best. I gave them a difficult problem to extract very important images from a corrupt non-standard SD card and they were able to recover more than 85% of the images and movies. The Data Analyzers Team worked tirelessly to recover my lost data. Their professionalism, integrity and technical expertise are beyond reproach. I was constantly updated about the progress they were making and even with the extra work they had to put in on recovering my data, the price they quoted did not, I repeat, did not change. If I ever have another problem requiring data recovery from a storage media device, the Data Analyzers will be my first choice. I whole-heartedly recommend them if you require data recovery support.


Kenneth F

Sure, I'll admit I looked around on the internet for someone to save me, and just as I was about to commit to shipping my drive off to California, with no assurances other than a fancy - hard sales pitch and a 3 week potential response time, I thought I might check to see if someone local in Orlando was available. A quick Google search found Data Analyzers and despite a 5:30pm phone call, I spoke to someone who said they could look at my hard drive in 48 hours and likely have a response within 72 hours. So dropped my hard drive off the next day and within 48 hours they had called to tell me they had gained access, and that they believed 98% of my data was recoverable. To this day, I have not found out what that 2% that was lost was, but I am back in action, (a little wiser now) and I hope I never have to call this company again, but if I need to recover from a hard drive failure, they will be my only call. Highly recommend Data Analyzers! They recovered data from my 1T Seagate external back up drive. Never thought my backup drive would go before my main drive, which is why I had additional archives on it. Now I have a back up of the back up!

Thank You

Brady Pevehouse

I was very impressed on how easy it was to contact and get information from Data Analyzers. I found them on a web search, and called them to see if they were real. Within less than a week my "destroyed data disk" was sent to them, they analyzed it, sent a quote by email, I paid on email, a new data disk was loaded with my lost data and I am in receipt and have verified the data. It was not a cheap process, but well worth it for the photos, financial data, tax info, past housing info and much more of my life recovered. I have recommended them to my local computer company that said they could not recover it, but suggested I do a local search (Daytona Beach) for a data recovery company. I am very satisfied with the whole process.

Thank You

Raymond McConnell

They did a fantastic job by doing perfect recovery of failed HDD. I can see all my documents, snaps, mails etc. It was a great relief as I could not work in absence of all documents. I would recommend them for any data recovery needs.

Thank You

Satish Singh

Data loss is always stressful, but they can make the impossible possible: Data Analyzers just recovered 2200 images from an accidentally deleted Flash Drive. Very professional customer service, quick turnaround, and reasonable priced. Highly recommended!

Thank You

Ge Zi

These guys are pros! I have used them several times, both for mechanical failures and corruption failures of hard drives and they have always recovered my data. I am an IT pro and have been working in IT for 15 years and had lost hope, but these guys recovered my data from a corrupted vmdk file and drive. I had tried everything and these guys somehow worked their magic and got my data back. Many many thanks

Thank You

Jerry Perez

my data loss nightmare began when a client i built an office pc for, called and said his computer was asking him to select which drive to boot from. i immediately knew there was a drive problem. upon further investigation, it was apparent the SSD, an ocz vertex 4, had died and was no longer recognized in the bios or windows. this was a huge problem, as his business data, quickbooks, and pertinent files were gone. after some research, the drive was sent to drive savers data recovery, and that it wouldnt be cheap if successful. a day or so later, i was notified that drive savers was unable to retrieve a single thing! so it came back and i figured i try one last ditched effort to save my customers business. i called data analyzers and spoke to david, a very knowledgeable man who new how the ssd drive worked, its components, and means of data recovery approach-obviously not just a sales person. so off the drive went, and a day later i got a call saying they were successful in the recovery and the drive would arrive back the next day. it did indeed, and all data intact, and i was even able to boot from the drive like nothing even happened. i highly recommend data analyzers, and after this experience they are going to be my sole source my company uses to recover failed drives.

Thank You

Dave Hurlbut

My office has 2 unit PCs and one day, our PCs corrupted by virus and cause all of our data gone. Our IT department has been failed to recover our data so we need to call someone else to rescue us. We decided to use Data Analyzers Data Recovery after we read their positive reviews on Google+. We sent our hard drive to their office in Orlando and they recovered our data in 3 days. The price was fair and right and we will continue to use their service again if we found the same issue in the future.

Thank You

Elmer Henry Brooks

I had a new raid hard drive I was using for a large video editing project. The drive stopped working. I was panicked! I've never had a drive fail before, let alone a new drive. I contacted numerous data recovery companies who all quoted prices from $300 to $2,500. I had the feeling that whoever I used would charge the highest price. Then I found Data Analyzers. They were friendly on the telephone, and gave me confidence that they could retrieve my files. I reluctantly shipped them my hard drive. In one day they called to say they retrieved al of the footage and were sending the drive back. Hooray!! Data Analyzers saved my project. The cost was very reasonable. The customer service was outstanding. I'd highly recommend them to anyone needing to recover data.

Thank You

Greg Ball

The team at Data Analyzers is absolutely phenomenal! I experienced a little scare with a hard drive failure and they displayed excellent service, professionalism, and expertise. Highly recommend in town and abroad!

Thank You

Donald Gadson

I want to THANK Data Analyzers for recovering all of my data from my external hard drive. It had every picture I had ever taken of my children over the past 12 years. 160 gb of data. Of course, I didn't have a backup. Apparently, two of the disks were shattered and they still managed to recovery everything and in their original folders. I had the hard drive analyzed by another company that wanted $2,000. Data Analyzers did it for less than a $1,000. They were very friendly to work with and had all of my data on a new hard drive within 2 weeks. I can't thank them enough. I literally cried when I opened the package and was able to view pictures of my children again. THANK YOU SO MUCH DATA ANALYZERS !!!

Thank You

Laura Tucciarelli

Data Analyzers seem to really know what they are doing, I was a bit reluctant at first, not having dealt with them but after talking with several other companies their pricing versus what they do and in my case what they did was well in line. I was told to ask for a manifest before I paid anything and it turns out that they either retrieved all or most. I would highly recommend them! AP


Anthony Parks